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VanTasty Superfoods

USDA Organic
JAS Organic
European Organic
Qinghai-Tibet Plataeu China

Welcome to Vantasty Superfoods! A place to find out some of the best superfoods that you have rarely heard about.  The products we are selling are high in nutritious value and benefiting for our body.  Our mission is to provide the best natural healthy food products available to our customers.  

We are a Vancouver-based business.  We are in love with exploring healthy natural foods and sourcing them directly.  We launched Vantasty to sell our Premium Wild Black Goji Berries.  It changes colors with different pH levels in water.  100% no artifical coloring, all color traces are naturally produced from Black Goji Berries fruit.  

We strongly believe the best way to consume nutritious is through eating healthy food/fruits that is rich in vitamins and nutritious instead of taking vitamin supplements (tablet or powder).  We tried our best to bring the highest quality products available.  Therefore, all our products are fully organic certified to ensure us bring the best available superfoods to our customer.  


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