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Citrus Black Goji Berries Tea 

with Salted Cheese Milk Foam


  • Citrus marmalade

  • 20 ml hot water

  • Black Goji Berries 

  • 125 ml water at 60ºC

  • 30 g soft cream cheese (room temp.)

  • 30 g milk (room temp.)

  • 120 g whipping cream (room temp.)

  • 20 g icing sugar

  • Pinch Himalayan Pink Salt

  • 1 tsp lemon zest 

  • Mint leaves

Bottom layer:  Citrus concentrate

  • Mix 2 tsp Citrus marmalade (or citron concentrate) in 20 ml hot water and stir well.

Middle layer:  Black Goji Berries Tea

  • Ready a cup of water at 60ºC.
  • Put 10 Black Goji Berries in.
  • Let steep for 10 minutes.

Top layer:  Salted Cheese Milk Foam

  • Put cream cheese and icing sugar in a bowl.

  • Gently beat well with a mixer.

  • Gradually pouring whipping cream and milk into a bowl.

  • Continue to beat on medium speed until creamy (thick).

  • Add Himalayan Pink Salt and stir gently.


  1. In a mug, pour Black Goji Berries tea into citrus concentrate.

  2. Top the Citrus Black Goji Berries Tea with Salted Cheese Milk Foam.

  3. Sprinkle lemon zest with fresh mint leaves on top.

  4. Sip the drink.  Enjoy.

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