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How to consume our Black Goji

Recommendation for adults:  


Black Goji berry is very nourishing, 8-10 Black Goji Berries would be enough for an adult for each day or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.


Remember, the water temperature should be between 40-60ºC.  Black Goji Berries are highly loaded with anthocyanin and using hot water above 60ºC to brew it would destroy it's nutrients and benefits due to the fragile of anthocyanin. 

  1. First prepare one cup (150 ml) of 40ºC-60ºC water.

  2. Put 8-10 Black Goji Berries into the water.  

  3. Let steep for 3-5 minutes before drinking.

  4. It can be steep multiple times until all favors are gone.  

        * Don't forget to eat the berries *

You will notice the color changes with different pH level in water.  In regular drinking water, the color is purple.  If you use alkaline water, it will appear as blue color. 

* Adding few drops of lemon juice to the drink and it magically turn pink  *

Other consuming methods can be used such as eating the Black Goji Berry directly or putting it in a bottle of wine and consume after 7 days.

Store the Black Goji Berries in a cool, dry place away from direct light with lid tightly closed.  Do not refrigerate.

Please consult a health care practitioner for use of this product if you are pregnant, taking other medications or have any questions or concerns.  

black goji berry tea
vantasty black goji berry
vantasty black goji berry
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