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Black Goji Berries


Kunlun Mountain
Qinghai-Tibet Plataeu

Our wild Black Goji Berries are sourced from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China.  It is well known for producing some of the very best Black Goji Berries in the world.  Qinghai-Tibet Plataeu is a remote dessert terrain with high elevation and low population.  This makes an ideal source for clean air and water without contamination or pollution as human beings could hardly survive in such tough environment.  

The wild Black Goji Berries are watered with natural mineral water coming from Kunlun Mountain in Golmud (northern edge of Tibetan Plateau).  The water's source is well protected from contamination by being at a high altitude.


The Black Goji Berries locate at an elevation of 2800 meters  above sea level.  It is a very dry location with low humidity.  The average rainfall for each year is between 40-400mm.  Each day, it will have approximately 15 hours of direct sunlight.  This is not an ideal condition for bacteria and other organisms.  But this is the ideal location for wild Black Goji Berries to grow.  As a result, pesticide are not required or used in any of our products.


Black Goji Berries are also called "Black Pearl" for it's pure and unique geographical location.  

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